Since 2014, the One Woman Project has delivered an educational seminar series for all members of the public to learn about issues of global gender inequality.

The Seminar Series is a four-week, immersive experience for those new to gender equality and feminism, through to those who have years of experience in the movement.

A combination of interactive discussions, upskilling workshops and phenomenal guest speakers, the Seminar Series is an opportunity to engage with new topics of gender inequality, meet like-minded people in your local community and get your fix of feminism for the week!

In 2018, our Seminar Series operated in Victoria and Queensland, and covered such topics as:

  • Eating disorders, mental health and body issues

  • Defining your Feminism

  • International Development and Women

  • Feminist Theory 101

  • Fast Fashion and Feminism

  • Feminist Friendships

  • How to be an activist

The Seminar Series has wrapped up for 2018, but will be back in 2019 with bigger topics, incredible guest speakers and phenomenal opportunities for you to create change in the gender equality movement!

For more information about the seminar series, please email and get in touch!

What will you receive from the Seminar Series?

1. Empowerment

The program will empower you with the necessary tools to create active and sustainable change in a global society.

2. Education

The program will give you up-to-date, academic knowledge of issues surrounding gender inequality in a global context. You also hear from a range of acclaimed guest speakers with a wealth of knowledge in the field.

3. Networking

Throughout the Series, you will have the opportunity to network and connect with like-minded people, facilitators and advocacy organisations in your local community.