International Women’s Day, held on March 8 each year, is a day which celebrates the achievements made by the women’s rights movement, and explores the next steps to achieving equality for all.

Each year, the One Woman Project team hosts International Women’s Day events across our national and international teams.

In Queensland this year, the One Woman Project celebrated International Women’s Day with a sold out Community Forum centred on the theme of decolonising feminism.

Decolonising Feminism.jpg

The sold out Forum featured speakers, activists, performance artists and poets in a robust discussion about the importance of fighting white supremacy, colonial structures and how to combat the prioritisation of white voices in the feminist movement, both locally and globally.

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For International Women’s Day in 2019, our Tanzania team hosted their annual One Woman Project community forum on gender equality.

Co-hosted with the Sidai Maasai Women Organisation, this event focused on the barriers to gender equality in the Arusha (Tanzania) community, opportunities for organisations to work together to tackle inequality, and how to continue to empower women to tackle inequality in their homes.

This event has been running for four years and is a key fixture of the One Woman Project’s annual calendar.


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