In addition to our other educational programs, the One Woman Project provides workshops for corporate entities, companies, organisations, charities and non-profits.

The One Woman Project team understands that change in the field of global gender equality cannot just come from those young leaders working their way through the ranks - it can also come from those established companies, organisations and non-profits and the leaders within them.

To reflect this, the One Woman Project team additionally provides workshops on various topics of global gender equality to companies and organisations looking to make a difference in their own gendered workplace culture.

Topics include:

  • Human Identities and Inclusive Workplaces

  • Strategies for Tackling Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

  • Strategies for Tackling Gender Inequality in the Workplace

  • An Introduction to Gender and Inequality

  • The Challenges and Barriers to Leadership and Management Roles

  • Gender Inequality in the Workplace

  • Everyday Sexism in Society

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What corporate engagement opportunities do you provide?


Our once-off workshops are an opportunity for employees to learn about a new topic of global gender inequality, learn the strategies and solutions for making their workplace more equal, and to collectively start the conversation in your organisation around gender.


Aimed at managers, leaders or those who aspire to be, our programs can be a tailored professional development opportunity to ensure those who lead a workplace are creating the most inclusive, diverse and safe workplace possible.


For companies wanting to do their bit in creating a gender-friendly workplace, they can become certified under our Workplace Gender Certification scheme. This scheme requires companies to work with a dedicated One Woman Project team member to undertake certain workshops (for managers and general employees), review their workplace culture, explore gaps in pay, skills development and experience amongst their employees, and publicly commit to making their workplace safe, diverse and inclusive for all.

For more information about these workshops, pricing and availability, please email