As part of our educational programs, the One Woman Project also delivers online campaigns, e-books and offline public awareness-raising activities.


These campaigns and resources aim to educate the public about issues of global gender inequality, provide information to further their knowledge, and highlight key issues in the public discourse.

We recently released our first e-book, on the topic of Refugees and People Seeking Asylum.

After what was a devastating election for many Australians, One Woman Project felt a need to take action in the spaces that will suffer under a conservative government in Australia. Rights for, and the treatment of refugees and people seeking asylum is just one area we at One Woman Project feel has been and will continue to be neglected. Refugees and people seeking asylum need our support and allyship, but many Australians don’t know how they can contribute.

We have put together the definitions, resources, and tips you need to make a meaningful difference in the lives of refugees and people seeking asylum in Australia. Together, with a combination of knowledge, advocacy and meaningful donation, we can all make Australia a more welcoming place for those whose homes are no longer safe.

100% of sales for this e-book will be donated to the Asylum Centre Resource Centre. You can purchase your copy here.

For more about our public awareness campaigns, please visit our social media and blog, or email for more information.