Director's Cut: The feminist events you will be seeing me at this winter

Last year, our Director Madeline hosted 'The Weekly' - a weekly blog post pertaining to feminist issues. This year, it is the 'Director's Cut'. Stay tuned for more blogs from our National Director and Founder, Madeline Price. 

As the National Director of the One Woman Project, I get the opportunity to attend a lot of feminist events - panel discussions, conferences, speaking opportunities and more.

But by far, the best feminist events I get to attend, are one's run by the One Woman Project. 

Now, I know I am biased, but the reason I think these are the best feminist events are not because they are the most well attended, or the largest, or the cheapest. The reason I think these are the best feminist events are because I get to see the hard work, passion, blood, sweat and tears that goes into them. I get to be privy to the late-night emails, the early morning phone calls and text messages, the enthusiastic meetings, and the volunteer passion that makes sure these events can happen. I get to see the entire process - from one volunteer, or one team with an idea, a dream, a creation - to the final product, whether that be a full-day conference, an Engagement Event or a two-week long Rural Roadtrip. 

These feminist events, run by the One Woman Project, are my favourite, because I get to see the team members behind the scenes pulling these events off.

So next time you are at one of our events, have a chat to the team that did it - ask them about their passions, their values, their feminist beliefs. Or, better yet, join us and come on that journey yourself.

Last year, the Brisbane Feminist Festival discussed issues of masculinity and the role of men in feminism. We explored LGBTIQA+ issues, the experiences of women in music, and the intersection between feminism and environmentalism. Last year, we debated what the future of feminism would look like one year on. 

t has been one year and the Brisbane Feminist Festival is back to continue what we started. 

rought to you by the One Woman Project, this year the Brisbane Feminist Festival will be held on Saturday August 5 from 9am - 5pm. Located at WOTSO Workspace the event will feature panel discussions, workshops, presentations, live music, networking and stalls.

ur panel discussions will explore the experiences of women in politics and whether our Federal Minister for Women should be a feminist. We will look at the experiences of  women in the Arts, Media and Entertainment industries. And we will take an in-depth look at the experiences of transgender women in Australia, their views on the current feminist movement, and how cisgendered individuals can better support this marginalised community.

ur workshops will focus upon upskilling - from exploring how to start a social enterprise, to how to build a social media movement, to how to be a feminist ally, to how to run for office and to how to engage in self-care and activism - these workshops will teach you everything you need to know!

Finally, our 'Your Story' presentations will explore the stories, lived experiences and paths of inspirational local people, such as the story behind She Skills (an organisation challenging stereotypes and teaching short courses in all things non-traditional, such as woodworking, power tools, building, car maintenance and more), Queensland Firebirds superstar Laura Clemesha and Matilda Alexander from the LGBTI Legal Service. 

ind out more and read the bios of the speakers here