Five Questions for a Feminist: Emmie Shields

Throughout 2017 we are going to introduce our followers to the One Woman Project team. Here we have Emmie Shields.

What is your name and role with the One Woman Project?

Emmie Shields, Curriculum Co-ordinator for the OWP ACT team.

What does feminism mean to you?

My feminist ideology stems from my passion to see the breakdown of systematic oppression and patriarchy in order to create a society that gives equal opportunity, respect and value to all individuals no matter their background or identity.

Why are you a feminist?

My frustration and anger that on a daily basis so many people are discriminated against, exploited, objectified, raped and emotionally harmed because of their sex, gender, cultural identity, sexual orientation or for any other reason that makes them the person they are.

What is your biggest focus within the movement towards global gender equality?

Overall, I want to contribute to social change, whether it is at a societal, community based or an individual relationship level. I want people to understand, question and challenge social norms and institutional practices that oppress all of us.

If there was one feminist resource you wish everyone would read or view, what would it be?

Everydayfeminsim is a great educational platform which discusses everyday discrimination and marginalisation through the lens of intersectional feminist thought. It’s an excellent resource for anyone looking to learn or reflect on our society.