A Conversation with Tanzila Khan, Creative Alley

As part of our ongoing blog series, we will be sitting down and have conversations with a number of advocates in our local community. This week we speak to Tanzila Khan from Creative Alley.

What is your name and role?

I am Tanzila Khan. I am the Founder of Creative Alley, a venture that holds simulations and workshops for Youth.

Why do you do what you do? 

Its pretty much about the fact that I am alive and this in itself an opportunity and since I am here so why not make some good change while still dancing through life. I was born with a disability and being a female on top of that, I know how life can be really hard. But I also know how much life can give back to you if you decide to give yourself to life.

Are you a feminist and what does feminism mean to you?

I am a feminist to the core! I believe so because feminism is not just about females but gender equity of all genders. It gives me hope that the world can be a better place and when that happens, I want to stand with the right people.

What do you think is the most pressing social problem today (globally)?

Its definitely the deeply rooted patriarchy in our systems that is slowly eating out our gender roles and not letting systems cultures grow with harmony. Even in  this age of information, innovation and technology through which so much can be achieved, we are still stuck with issues like honor killing and infanticide. If it would be to continue, I feel women with disabilities would take ages to come forward for their rights.

If there was one resource you think everyone should view, what would it be?

Mona Lisa Smile. Beautiful work!