We believe that the first step to ending global gender inequality is to educate and upskill our young people to tackle it in their own local, national and international communities.

Established in 2013, the One Woman Project is one of Australia's fastest growing, youth-led, not-for-profit organisations. We are dedicated to providing quality education about global gender equality through our educational seminar series, engagement events, in-school programs, public awareness campaigns, Rural Roadtrips and annual festivals. We are passionate about the impact that young people can make in their local, national and international communities.

Find out about our values and beliefs as an organisation below.

What do we value?


We believe in equality, but we also understand the importance of intersectionality, inclusivity and accessibility within the movement, and consider this in all that we do.



We are action-orientated and we get work done. We take initiative, learn from our mistakes and we lead by example. We take action to create change.


We are passionate about feminism and gender equality, and are excited to shape the future of the feminist movement. We undertake all the work we do with enthusiasm, action and passion.



We strive to continually improve. We embrace feedback and understand that continuous learning is part of the feminist journey.


We do not back down at the first challenge. Using our creativity and innovation, we workshop solutions and persist. We are eager to educate and support all on their feminist journey.



We are accountable and responsible for the work we do and aim to ensure it is high quality, intersectional, accessible and inclusive.


SELF-CAre and care for others

We exercise self-care and encourage others to do the same. We are empathetic towards others and their circumstances.


We respect those we engage with and trust our team, our speakers, our guests and our partners to execute their roles in line with our values.

What do we believe?


We are an intersectional feminist organisation in all that we do (from our events through to our recruitment).


We acknowledge that we live and work on stolen land, and the fight of feminism today was born off the backs of our Indigenous sisters.


We acknowledge that societal change cannot come without structural change, and an individual can only do so much against structural barriers.


We acknowledge that sex work is work and that people who engage in sex work should be supported, safeguarded and respected like in other industries.



We acknowledge that the fight for equality in feminism intersects with LGBTIQA+ equality, and support the fights of our queer kin.


We are supportive of transgender rights, and acknowledge that trans women are women, and trans men are men.


We are pro-choice and believe that all people should have access to affordable reproductive health care.



We acknowledge that common issues impacting upon people in the feminist movement, impact upon those with a disability (physical, mental, emotional, social, psychological, psychosocial) at a much greater rate.


We are actively anti-racist and strive at all times to highlight women and nonbinary people of colour within the movement (whilst acknowledging the history of racial exclusion the movement has had).


We acknowledge that individuals can be religiously-tied and feminist, where they acknowledge that the interpretation of their religion can occur in an anti-feminist/anti-woman way.



We believe that men can identify as feminists, however it is their actions - of taking privileged spaces and making them more feminist - that is of importance. A feminist man without action, is not a feminist.


We support grassroots, local-led international development, as it is not the place of another to tell a local community what is best for them.


We aim to be sustainable in our resources and environmentally friendly, as we know that climate change is linked with patriarchy, colonisation, white supremacy and capitalism.

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